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Emergency telephone duty staff 7th -18th April

The following members of staff will answer the emergency telephone lines on the days and during the times indicated. We ask that calls are restricted to genuine emergencies only and that routine enquiries are made during office hours or, of course, by email at any time.

Friday 7th April 20175pm until 9am (overnight)
Nicky Rose
Saturday 8th AprilAll day and overnight
Martin Anning
Sunday 9th AprilAll day and overnight
Jane Bowyer
Monday 10th April5pm until 9am (overnight)
Paul Hergest
Tuesday 11th April5pm until 9am (overnight)
Pam Pines
Wednesday 12th April5pm until 9am (overnight)
Michelle Debenham
Thursday 13th April5pm until 9am (overnight)
Jackie Fullerton
Good Friday 14th AprilAll day and overnight
Jackie Fullerton
Saturday 15th AprilAll day and overnight
Susan Haydon
Easter Sunday 16th AprilAll day and overnight
Paul Hergest
Easter Monday 17th AprilAll day and overnight Nicky Rose
Tuesday 18th April5pm until 9am (overnight)
Martin Anning

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