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Notice regarding the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)

Notice regarding the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)


We very much hope you will not take offence and will understand our wish to protect not just you and your family, but our business and our staff and their families too.  

The existence of Covid-19 and its spread within the community are paramount in our thoughts and we would ask for your co-operation in taking steps to delay its spread.

If you knowingly have been exposed to someone who has tested Covid-19 positive or you have displayed either of the two principal symptoms (a fever or a persistent new dry cough) then we ask for your understanding in restricting face to face contact in discussing your requirements over the phone rather than face to face.

Otherwise, we respectfully ask that on entering our offices you either use the washroom to wash your hands or accept some anti-bacterial hand gel that we will offer you. 

On the day of a funeral we again ask for your understanding in not shaking hands.  We presently do not plan to withdraw our limousine service and will ensure it is wiped down with anti-bac spray between each use.

As we are also susceptible to the virus, staff levels might vary, they may also wear gloves and we might have to carry the coffin with three bearers instead of four or, where this is not possible, use chapel wheels.

We would also ask that you don’t take offence if we don’t shake hands with you but touch elbows, or similar, instead.

Simon Welham      
Managing Director

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