Funeral arrangements - How we care for your deceased

“Tears water our growth” - William Shakespeare.

Preparing the deceased for the funeral

It is an honour to care for a person who has died and we treat the deceased with the dignity and respect they deserve. We aim to provide the same level of service to your loved one as you would wish to receive yourself.

What you can expect

  • Our highly skilled and experienced staff will wash, embalm and dress the deceased.
  • We can dress them in their own clothes or in a gown that we provide.
  • If required, we can add any jewellery or personal possessions to the coffin (not all items are suitable for a cremation).
  • When looking after your loved one, we will endeavour to respect your faith and uphold any customs to which it adheres.

Our assurances

  • Meticulous attention to detail – we will do all we can to ensure your loved one looks their best (a recent photograph is helpful).
  • Considering your needs at all times – this is your family and we respect that. We encourage your ideas and suggestions in order to reflect your loved one as they chose to be in life.
  • Constant help and support – in addition to providing a caring environment for the deceased, we are here to provide emotional support and guidance for you.

Visiting the deceased

  • We can arrange private Chapel visits for family and friends prior to the funeral at your local Welham Jones funeral home.
  • We can also take the deceased to the church the night before the funeral for a Reception of the Body service, if required.
  • If you would like the deceased taken home, this too can be arranged.