Funeral arrangements - Next Steps

'Help at an emotional time'.

Funeral arrangements - what you need to do first

There are number of things you need to do when someone passes away. These funeral arrangements include:

  • Getting a medical certificate stating the cause of death
  • Making an appointment to register the death (required by law)
  • Notifying the Department for Work and Pensions

Please see our Help and Advice section for details of how to go about this or contact us if you need help with any of the above, including arranging transport to appointments or pick up of certificates.

Contact Your Local Funeral Director

If you don’t feel ready to come to one of our local offices, we can make any initial arrangements by phone, via email or at your home.

We have local funeral homes in:

First, there are some things we need to know: 

  • Cultural or religious requirements
  • Will it be a cremation or burial?
  • The venue of the service
  • What type of service you require?
  • The name of any officiant
  • Pre-paid funeral plan reference number or details (if applicable)

Meeting us

In order to discuss the final details, we will need to meet with you in person. Remember, we are here to help and offer emotional support to you at your time of need. At Welham Jones Funerals & Memorials, we are a family and we welcome you as one of our own. We’d like to get to know you and as much about your lost loved one as we can, so that we can provide you the best service.

What to expect at this meeting:

  • Discussion of the type of funeral you require for your loved one.
  • Discussion of the finer details of the funeral – where it will start, choice of hearse and fleet vehicles, venue of the service, dates and times.
  • Completion of the legal paperwork.
  • Discussion of coffin type, floral tributes, obituary notices and order of service.

Please note: it will be helpful if you bring the 'green form' with you when you come to this meeting. This is the Authority for Cremation or Burial issued by the Registrar. We will need it in order to proceed with making the funeral arrangements for you.

Find details of how to obtain this form in our Help and Advice section.

Following the meeting

Once we confirm the details of the funeral arrangements, we will provide an estimated cost, along with terms and conditions of business, requiring a signature from both parties.  

You can download our charges from our website, or you can use our online costs calculator to give an indication of costs.

Can I change my mind about any of the details?

We want to make sure your loved one has a service that truly reflects them, so we aim to make sure all the details meet your requirements. If that means changes along the way, that’s fine and all part of our commitment to you and your family.

Information, advice, brochures and price lists are available here as Adobe pdf downloads. 

If you need the free pdf reader click here.